AALL & Create – A4 Acryl Blok
  • AALL & Create – A4 Acryl Blok


    AALL & Create Stempel Acryl Blok

    Afmeting A4

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    AALL & Create Stamping Acrylic Block
    They are perfectly tailored for use with our stamp sets and will be popular with people who have not been sure what blocks to use, especially with the large A4 stamps, where a suitable block makes all the difference.

    Using these blocks will help people to get the best out of their stamps, as they are strong and hard-wearing but flexible enough to have a bit of bend in them, which allows+ the stamps to be fully compressed,

    while inferior products may not have the flexibility to press firmly enough on all areas of the stamps. This is particularly evident on larger sized stamps where there is a risk that in inflexible block will result in a poor impression at the centre of the stamp.

    Superior quality
    Excellent adhesion
    Easy to clean
    Long life